Ash Christian Shorts Filmmaking Program

Ash Christian Shorts Filmmaking Program

Program Overview 

The 2021 Ash Christian Shorts Filmmaking Program supports the next generation of young LGBTQ creatives whose original voices and ideas may be best articulated through the medium of film. The program honors the distinguished career and legacy of our late friend and colleague Ash Christian who dedicated his life’s work to mentoring young filmmakers and giving voice to the underserved.

Ash Christian photo Courtesy of Lon Haber & Co.

Ash Christian was an Emmy Award-winning producer, actor and founder of Cranium Entertainment, who passed away unexpectedly at the age of 35. An Advisory board member of the Provincetown Film Society and a beloved friend to all who knew him, Ash directed Fat Girls, Mangus, Love On The Run and Petunia. He also produced numerous films including Chick Flick, Burn, Miles, Social Animals, 1985, Hurricane Bianca, Little Sister and Coin Heist. His credits as an actor included roles on The Magic of Belle, Cleaners, The Good Wife, The Good Fight, Law & Order, among others. The Ash Christian Shorts Filmmaking Program is supported by Ash’s friends, colleagues and LGBTQ allies. 

Heartfelt thanks to Pamela Montgomery, Ash’s fiercest advocate. Special thanks to our advisory board members. See photos and bios below. Also thanks to: Phillip Bartell, Mayim Bialik, Will Canon, Cheryl Eagen-Donovan, Susan English, Matthew Glasner, Lon Haber, Jodi Herczeg, Candice Kuwahara, Beth Mccrink, Alex Peace, Maggi Rizzie and Inon Shampanier.

Some of Ash’s Films

2021 Program Design

The program is a three-month online initiative for emerging young LGBTQ creatives (ages 16 – 20) who submit a short film script or treatment that addresses the themes of ‘not fitting in, standing out, being yourself’ and demonstrate an ability to work with a team of experienced professionals in order to develop the skills necessary to best realize a vision and execute a quality short film.

Given Covid-19, the program will take place primarily online via Zoom and require a time commitment of at least two hours per week prior to production. Production time will vary depending on the scope of the project. Selected filmmakers will work with a producing mentor to determine the needs of the project and to help access other mentors (from casting directors, cinematographers, production designers, etc.) who will provide support throughout the process. Currently, we have 100 mentors who have committed to the project. 

Production funds of up to $1,000+ per project along with a travel stipend, equipment and other support will be provided. Projects must be completed by June 12th, 2021 and will screen at the Provincetown Film Festival and on the virtual cinema platform.

Ash’s chosen theme for year one of the program was ‘not fitting in, standing out, being yourself.’ Appropriately, these are the same themes that run throughout many of Ash’s films and they’re the same themes that defined and endeared Ash to all who knew him throughout his all-too brief life. Through this program, Ash will continue to give. His light will continue to shine in the place he loved best–at the movies.

Core Components

  • Articulating and realizing creative vision 
  • Building and collaborating with a creative team 
  • Managing resources 
  • Developing marketing strategies 
  • Executing production and content delivery


Candidates Must Submit the following:

1) A short film script that deals with the themes ‘not fitting in, standing out, being yourself.” 

2) Either A 500-1000 word written essay or A 1-5 minute video essay answering the following:
Who are you?
What do you care about?
Who do you care about helping?
What do you want to do?
How do you think the program can help you achieve your vision?

3) Letter of recommendation (optional) 

4) Application fees are: $25.00 for Students/$30.00 for Non-Students.

5) Waivers are available for application fees. To inquire about waivers, email with your request.

*Submissions for 2021 are now closed, for more information on getting involved as a ACSFP Fellow, contact

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