duty free

73 minutes

After a 75 year-old mother gets fired from her job, her son takes her on a bucket-list adventure to reclaim her life. As she struggles to find work, he documents a journey that uncovers the betrayals plaguing her past and the economic insecurity soon to shape not only her future, but that of an entire generation.

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    129 minutes

    Ulrike Ottinger, then a young painter, lived in Paris in the 1960s. Now a film-maker, she looks back on that time, weaving memories of the Parisian life and the upheavals of the time into a cinematic poem with the city at its center.

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      78 minutes

      With ABOUT ENDLESSNESS, Roy Andersson adds to his cinematic oeuvre with a reflection on human life in all its beauty and cruelty, its splendor and banality. Written & directed by Roy Andersson, starring Bengt Bergius, Anja Broms & Marie Burman. Swedish with English subtitles

      “Absurdist humour, global history and abject horror sit side by side, all equally weighted and witnessed.”- Observer (UK)

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        THE COUNTY

        92 minutes

        A widowed farmer begins a new life on her own terms by fighting against corruption and injustice in her community. Directed by Grímur Hákonarson, starring Arndís Hrönn Egilsdóttir, Sveinn Ólafur Gunnarsson & Þorsteinn Bachmann. Icelandic with English Subtitles. 

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          130 minutes

          The relationship between artist-partners Tomas and Anja is put to the test after Anja gets a life-threatening diagnosis. Directed by Maria Sødahl, starring Andrea Bræin Hovig, Stellan Skarsgård and Elli Rhiannon Müller Osbourne. Swedish with English subtitles.

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            The man who sold his skin

            104 minutes

            His own body turned into a living work of art and promptly exhibited in a museum, Sam, a Syrian refugee, will soon realize to have sold away more than just his skin. Arabic with English Subtitles.

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              2021 Oscar Nominated Live Action Shorts

              125 minutes

              FEELING THROUGH–Doug Roland and Susan Ruzenski (USA, 19 min.)
              THE LETTER ROOM–Elvira Lind and Sofia Sondervan (USA, 33 min.)
              THE PRESENT–Farah Nabulsi (Palestine, 25 min.)
              TWO DISTANT STRANGERS–Travon Free and Martin Desmond Roe (USA, 25 min.)
              WHITE EYE–Tomer Shushan and Shira Hochman (Israel, 21 min.)

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                2021 Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts

                94 minutes

                BURROW –Madeline Sharafian and Michael Capbarat (USA, 6 min.)
                GENIUS LOCI –Adrien Mérigeau and Amaury Ovise (France, 16 min.)
                IF ANYTHING HAPPENS, I LOVE YOU –Will McCormack and Michael Govier (USA, 12 min.)
                OPERA –Erick Oh (USA, 9 min.)
                YES,PEOPLE- Gísli Darri Halldórsson and Arnar Gunnarsson (Iceland, 8 min.)

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                  2021 Oscar Nominated Documentary Shorts

                  118 minutes

                  COLETTE –Anthony Giacchino and Alice Doyard (France/Germany/USA, 24 min.)
                  A CONCERTO IS A CONVERSATION – Ben Proudfoot and Kris Bowers (USA, 13 min.)
                  DO NOT SPLIT–Anders Hammer and Charlotte Cook (USA/Norway, 20 min.)
                  HUNGER WARD –Skye Fitzgerald and Michael Scheuerman (USA, 40 min.)

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                    72 minutes

                    Stray explores what it means to live as a being without status or security, following three strays as they embark on inconspicuous journeys through Turkish society. Zeytin, fiercely independent, embarks on adventures through the city at night; Nazar, nurturing and protective, easily befriends the humans around her; while Kartal, a shy puppy living on the outskirts of a construction site, finds companions in the security guards who care for her. The strays’ disparate lives intersect when they each form intimate bonds with a group of young Syrians with whom they share the streets.

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