Akilla’s Escape

90 minutes
In a crime-noir about the urban child-soldier, Akilla Brown captures a fifteen-year-old Jamaican boy in the aftermath of an armed robbery. Over one gruelling night, Akilla confronts a cycle of generational violence he thought he escaped.

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    102 minutes
    Jamaica, 1973. When a young boy witnesses his brother’s assassination, a powerful Don gives him a home. But 10 years later, when he’s sent to London, his past catches up to him.

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      No Place Like Home

      90 minutes
      When Susan, a film producer from NYC, goes to Jamaica to shoot a shampoo commercial, she finds herself, through a series of unforeseen circumstances, drifting further and further away from the world she knows and into the life of the island, a strange alternative reality that turns many of her previously held assumptions upside down.

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        Jamaica & Islands Shorts Program

        97 minutes

        THE MAN IN THE HAT, directed by Kevin Hume In a small knitted town, a series of attacks have been occurring. A detective Steve Stalamar has been assigned to the case, and with a no-nonsense and sometimes a bit over-the-top attitude, he investigates aggressively to find the man in the hat. (21min)

        DOG AND BONE, directed by Kevin Hume Dog and Bone tells a story of a young man trying to compete in a popular dance competition. He has big hopes as he practices every day and even comes up with his own dance move. Unfortunately, some elements set out to stop him. (14 min)

        COUSINS, directed by Mandy Marcus A Brooklyn teenager is reunited with her Guyanese cousin for the funeral of a relative. On the last day of the wake, the girls venture out into the city alone. (13 minutes)

        THREE BLADES, directed by Matthieu Maunier-Rossi Three generations in a Haitian family of men are preoccupied with their individual hopes and struggles. As they each forge their own paths under the burning sun, they’re linked by the wielding of the machete, their everyday tool used for everything from preparing food, to sacred ceremonies and physical protection. At nightfall, what happens when dreams and frustrations collide? (30 minutes)

        BROOKLYN TO BENIN: A VODOU PILGRIMAGE, directed by by Regine Romain Brooklyn to Benin is a personal pilgrimage into Vodou and its artistic and cultural survival throughout the Diaspora. Vodou, also spelled Vodun, is a spiritual and religious practice that originates with the Fon and Ewe of Benin, West Africa. Translated, Vodou means – the power, the source, the force, the creator of all things and the mystery. Brooklyn to Benin is a nomadic experimental mixed media project, exploring the empowering elements and rituals found within traditional and syncretic African religions practiced in the basement temples of Brooklyn, NY to the magnificent Vodou festival annually held in Ouidah, Benin. (7 minutes)


        Filmmaker, Kevin Hume in attendance for Q&A!



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