Coleman Lannum

COLEMAN LANNUM’s love of film started as a hobby and eventually led him to the producer’s chair. Recently, he partnered with Writer/Director Adam Rifkin (“Detroit Rock City,” “Look”) on two films – “The Last Movie Star,” (Burt Reynold’s swan song, also starring Chevy Chase and Ariel Winter) and “Director’s Cut,” an exploration of fan obsession written by Penn Jillette. Coleman also produced the recent film “Social Animals,” starring Josh Radnor and Noël Wells.

Not content with being behind the scenes, Coleman has appeared in over a dozen motion pictures and made guest and recurring appearances in television shows including “Community,” “Orange is the New Black,” “Modern Family,” “Dexter,” and “Law and Order, SVU.”

In addition to producing three upcoming Adam Rifkin films, Coleman is Executive Producing the new Mel Gibson film, “Panama,” and the psychological thriller “Watch Jessica Die” under his Terra Key production company banner.