Our Mission
To make Provincetown – with its unique combination of art institutions, culture, history and natural beauty – the global destination for creative exploration in film.

The Provincetown Film Society (PFS) is a non-profit dedicated to continuing the founding mission of the Provincetown Art Colony – to provide a welcoming, nurturing and inspiring environment for boundless and authentic creative exploration – in film.

From the time it was founded in 1998 the Society has been committed to serving its communities who are often outside of the mainstream, in the margins, or otherwise underserved – but have a voice critical to the evolution of artistic expression. It has also been dedicated to the celebration of Provincetown – an American treasure nestled amongst spectacular National Seashore beaches, and a shining example of diversity and inclusion.

Through the Provincetown International Film Festival (PIFF), Waters Edge Art House Cinema (WE) and Gabriele Hanna Provincetown Film Institute (PFS), including our annual Women’s Media Summit for Gender and Racial Diversity in U.S. Entertainment Media, the Provincetown Film Society endeavors to provide year-round programming to promote the cultural and economic vitality of Provincetown, to support aspiring, up-and-coming and established filmmakers connecting them with curious and engaged audiences globally, and to endorse gender, racial, and sexual diversity in U.S. entertainment media.