Provincetown Film Institute

Ash Christian

The Ash Christian Shorts Filmmaking Program is an annual residency and filmmaking program for LGBTQ youth that will take place in Provincetown, MA, America’s oldest arts colony, a gay mecca for diversity and inclusion, and home to the Provincetown Film Festival, where Ash’s work was showcased and celebrated throughout his distinguished career. In 2015, Ash joined the Provincetown Film Society Advisory Board and gave generously of his time and talents while calling upon his vast connections to organize an annual film financing forum for diverse projects  and serving as a mentor to dozens of emerging filmmakers. 

Ash Christian with Provincetown Film Society CEO Christine Walker and Fellow Advisory Board Member Javi Morgado at PIFF
Ash Christian, Christine Walker and Javi Morgado at PIFF

The design of the Ash Christian Shorts Filmmaking Program was in fact, a program that Ash was working on upon his untimely death. Now, it is being made possible with the support of Ash’s friends and colleagues. 

Over the course of a week, young filmmakers with a short script written around a designated theme will work with top industry professionals to each workshop and produce short five minute films. The films will then be included in a compilation film that will tour festivals and participating venues.

Ash’s chosen theme for year one of the program was ‘not fitting in, standing out, being yourself.’ Appropriately, these are the same themes that run throughout many of Ash’s films and they’re the same themes that defined and endeared Ash to all who knew him throughout his all-too brief life. Through this program, Ash will continue to give. His light will continue to shine in the place he loved best–at the movies.

Ash Christian Advisory Board Members:
Anne Clements, Rich Delia, Silas Howard, Matt Kugelman, Coleman Lannun, Kimberly Montini, and Javier Morgado.

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