Film Society Staff

Interim Executive Director – Blythe Frank
Chief Operating Officer – Patricia Doon
Director of Development – Tracy Pease
Director of Women & Diversity Initiatives – Christine Kunewa Walker
Director of Strategic Partnerships & Special Events – Cassandra Del Viscio
Waters Edge Cinema Booking– Connie White

Director of Program Operations – Heidi Bolinder
Development & Event Operations Manager – Ellen Birmingham
Development & Media Relations – Sarah Macaulay Nitsch
Box Office & Website Manager – Erica Giokas
Social Media – Julie Rockett
Graphic Design – Susie Nielsen
Website Development – David Marshall, Benjamin Wallace

Board of Directors

President – Anthony Lawson
Treasurer – Gabrielle Hanna
Clerk – Julia King
Christine Barker
Marianne Clements

Chapin Cutler
Lin Gentemann
Kelly Gilpatrick
Courtney Hurst
Kim McFarland
Rose Oushalkas
Jeff Peters
Blythe Robertson

Mike Syers
John Yingling

Emeritus Board

Rhonda Berchuck
Franc Castro
Rob Compton
Oliver Davis
Jane Harper
Jim Lande
Marijean Lauzier
Rick McCarthy
Shawn Nightingale
Tiffany Pham
Greg Welch
Gail Williams

Film Festival Staff

Artistic Director – Lisa Viola
Director of Programming – Andrew Peterson
Senior Programmer – Heidi Zwicker
Shorts Programmer – Valérie Déus
Festival Manager – Heidi Bolinder
Director of Strategic Partnerships & Special Events – Cassandra Del Viscio
Sponsorships and Development – Tracy Pease
Donor Cultivation & Events – Sarah Nitsch
Assistant to Executive Director – Caroline Martin
Marketing Consultant – Courtney Hurst
Marketing Manager – Glyne Pease
Marketing Associate – Connor McIlveen
Artist Services Manager – Joanny Rivera
Artist Services & Transportation Coordinator – Christopher Markisz
Hospitality Lounge Manager – Raeanne Pacifico
Concierge Services & Catalog Producer – Kim McFarland
Volunteer Director – Katie Ledoux
Box Office & Credentials Manager – Erica Giokas
Box Office & Credentials Assistant – Derek McCormack
Box Office Assistant – Brian Glidden
Operations Manager – Heather Kerble
Honoree & Evan Lawson Event Producer – Fermin Rojas
Events Coordinator – Vera Bianchini
Scholarship and Mentorship Programs – Shelli Ainsworth, Liam Dacey
Sponsorship Fulfillment – Odessa Bricault
Production Manager – Judd Greener
Production Coordinator – Katie O’Connor
Production Assistant – Kayleigh Cronin
Events Production Assistant – Hannah Doyon
Technical Director – Katya Gorker
Print Traffic Manager – Toby Leonard
Theater Managers – Isaac Brooks, Cassie Conklin, Stephen Csutoras, Suzi Lozzi, Wes Thayer
Assistant Theater Managers – Thomas Dill, Kelly Fahlenbock, Alexander Kresock, William Kubesch, John O’Hara, John Peters-Campbell, Mathilda Reckford, Jim Woodward
Projectionists – Liz Coffey, Tom Cole, Kevin Micka, Linda Scobie, Isaac Sherman, Alec Tisdale
Guest Moderator – Deborah Cutler
Publicity – RJ Millard, Kory Mello, Brit Fallon
Stills Photography – Mae Gammino
Eco Consultant – Joanclair Richter, MovieMindGreen
Payroll – Steven Roderick, Mike Calaman, Roderick’s Payroll and Accounting
Projection and Theater Equipment Services – Boston Light & Sound
Marketing Services Provider – LITHExcel Marketing
Clip Reels – Andrew Hart, Matt Newman
Festival Trailer – Andrew Peterson (Producer), Emily Hubley (Animation/Director), Thomas Scott (Composer), Rick Meyer (Lead Vocals), Pavielle French, Jennifer Grimm, & Jemma Heigis (Backing Vocals)
Additional Graphics and Design – Rob Nitsch

Women’s Media Summit Programming Committee

Maria Agui Carter
Jay Critchley
Deborah Goodwin
Caroline Heldman
Cynthia Lopez
Laurie Kahn
Lise King
Jen Myronuk
Tracy Pease
Judith Richland
Laurie Weltz

Film Financing Forum Program Committee

Christine Kunewa Walker
Ash Christian, 2015-2020

Jamaican Film Festival Committee

Ellen Birmingham
Natessa Brown
Jay Critchley
Amy Davies
Kevin Hume
Aziza Hume
Anthony Lawson
Julia King
Ngina Lythcott
Hannah Walker
Gui Yingling
John Yingling

Advisory Board

John Waters
David Bowd
Ash Christian, 2015-2020
John Cooper
Stephanie Dillon
Sarah Eaton
P. David Ebersole
Rob Epstein
Andre Gregory
Marcus Hu
Emily Hubley
Todd Hughes
Howard Karren
Cindy Kleine
PJ Layng, Founder
Ryan Macauley
Dan Minahan
Javier Morgado
Alix Ritchie
B. Ruby Rich
Wynn Salisch
Will Sheffer
Christine Vachon
Connie White

Soirees To Support The Provincetown Film Society


Christine Barker
Ken Fulk
Javier Morgado

Special Thanks:
Elizabeth Doon
Michelle Ragussis


Chair – Jeff G. Peters
Co-Chair(s) – Fermin Rojas & Jay Kubesch

David Bowd
Albert Carey
Franc Castro
Marty Davis
Diane DiCarlo
Marci Feller
Ken Fulk
Gabrielle Hanna
Andrew Laing
Anthony Lawson
Jeanne Leszczynski
Cynthia Newberry Martin
Angelo Monaco
Gus Orr
Kevin O’Shea
Joe Paprzycki
Alix Ritchie
Bryan Walker
Christine Walker
Sewall Whittemore


Bryan & Christine Walker

Special Thanks:
Shelli Ainsworth
Shelby Dillon
Melody Gilbert
Nora Shapiro


Javier Echenique

Special Thanks:
Torrence Boone
Ted Chapin
Frank Helmer


Steven Azar
Michael Wiskar

Special Thanks:
Provincetown Brewing Company