Jamaica On Film

Jamaica on Film is a three day celebration of all things Jamaica – its films, its filmmakers and its culture. Replete with white sandy beaches and a vibrant history, Jamaica has long captivated the imagination of filmmakers and audiences alike. Our three day event will feature just some of the great films that have their roots in Jamaica, kicking off with an opening night screening and reception, culminating in a special presentation for closing night.

As home to a substantial and growing Jamaican population, Provincetown is uniquely situated to host this event – And the Provincetown Film Society – with its record of excellence in programming, commitment to inclusivity and deep ties to the local community – is just the institution to pull it off. In addition to working with Jamaican owned and frequented establishments to host our events, we’ll also turn to artists in the local Jamaican community to help guide our programming decisions. With great films, great food and great events, it’s sure to be an amazing few days – Celebrating the culture and country of a place so many new to Provincetown call home.

This three day film festival will take place May 17th-19th, kicking off Friday night with a special opening night screening, party and after-party, and concluding with an equally special screening and performance at Water’s Edge Cinema on Sunday.

Stay tuned for more information, artist announcements, and screening schedules!