Matt Smith (The Crown, Doctor Who) plays Robert Mapplethorpe in this compelling biopic about arguably one of the most controversial photographers in American history. From the artist’s early days as best friend to Patti Smith to his relationship with curator Sam Wagstaff, MAPPLETHORPE looks at the time as he was embracing his sexuality in the gay scene of 1970s New York and as he was “Mapplethorpe”

2018, USA, 95 minutes, Directed by Ondi Timoner
Cast: Matt Smith, Marianne Rendón, John Benjamin Hickey


WYETH tells the story of one of America’s most popular, but least understood, artists. While his exhibitions routinely broke attendance records, art world critics continually assaulted his work. Through it all, Andrew Wyeth confidently continued to paint the people and places he knew. Through unprecedented access to Wyeth family members, archival materials, and his work, layer by layer, much in the way Andrew Wyeth created “Wyeth”

The Price of Everything

Basquiat paintings regularly fetch tens of millions of dollars, and the recent sale of a little-known Da Vinci topped $450 million—but what forces are driving the white-hot art market? THE PRICE OF EVERYTHING leads us into a rarefied labyrinth of galleries, studios, and auction houses to explore what society loses and gains when art becomes a rich person’s commodity. With unprecedented access to in-demand artists “The Price of Everything”

Generation Wealth

For 25 years, Lauren Greenfield’s documentary photography and film projects have explored youth culture, gender, body image, and affluence. In this fascinating meld of career retrospective and film essay, Greenfield offers a meditation on her own work, structuring it through the lens of materialism and its increasing sway on culture and society in America and throughout the world.  An unflinching examination of Greenfield’s own life “Generation Wealth”