Gay Chorus Deep South

To confront a resurgence of faith-based, anti-LGBTQ laws brought about in the Trump era, Conductor Tim Seelig leads 300 singers of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus on a bus tour of the deep South. The roadtrip forces Seelig and other Chorus members who fled the South to confront their own fears, pain, and prejudices on a journey toward reconciliation. In a time of great “Gay Chorus Deep South”


MAIDEN tells the heart pulsing and inspiring true story of the first all-female sailing team to race in the classic around-the-world event, known as the Whitbread. In 1989, 26 year-old skipper Tracy Edwards shocked the world as she and her crew battled misogyny, skepticism and outright disdain for their tenacity to secure a place in the male-dominated race. Edwards and her team proved themselves as “Maiden”

Circus of Books

New England Premiere Filmmaker Rachel Mason’s parents Karen and Barry, are the proprietors of iconic L.A. pornography shop Circus of Books. Mason chronicles their life’s work as one of the biggest distributors of gay porn in the country, including their prosecution on obscenity charges and the shop’s role in offering refuge to the LGBTQ community during the height of the AIDS crisis. CIRCUS OF BOOKS “Circus of Books”


In an abandoned Macedonian village, middle-aged Hatidze tends to her bee colonies and cares for her bedridden mother. When her tranquil life is upended by the arrival of an itinerant family with seven squalling children, Hatdize reacts with grace and a willingness to teach them her much-beloved craft, even as their actions threaten her own way of life. HONEYLAND is an enchanting glimpse into a “Honeyland”