WYETH tells the story of one of America’s most popular, but least understood, artists. While his exhibitions routinely broke attendance records, art world critics continually assaulted his work. Through it all, Andrew Wyeth confidently continued to paint the people and places he knew. Through unprecedented access to Wyeth family members, archival materials, and his work, layer by layer, much in the way Andrew Wyeth created “Wyeth”

Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood

In 1946, handsome ex-Marine Scotty Bowers came to Los Angeles and immediately caught the eye of many of the town’s queer customers at the gas station he worked at on Hollywood Boulevard.  An extension of Full Service, Bowers’ 2012 tell-all memoir about his pimping services to the stars, SCOTTY AND THE SECRET HISTORY OF HOLLYWOOD dishes about stars of yesterday like Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, “Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood”

Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind

This intimate, riveting portrait examines one of the world’s most beloved and inventive comedians. Told largely through Williams’ own voice and using a wealth of never-before-seen footage, director Marina Zenovich takes us through his extraordinary life and career and reveals the spark of madness that drove him. Included are testimonials from his colleagues, Billy Crystal and David Letterman, describing Williams’ genius and his ability to “Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind”

Science Fair

Winner of the inaugural festival favorite award at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, selected by audience votes from the 123 feature films screened, SCIENCE FAIR follows students from around the world in the annual International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), a highly competitive showcase of the world’s top young scientific minds. Though all are participating for the love of science, we also learn that there “Science Fair”

The Price of Everything

Basquiat paintings regularly fetch tens of millions of dollars, and the recent sale of a little-known Da Vinci topped $450 million—but what forces are driving the white-hot art market? THE PRICE OF EVERYTHING leads us into a rarefied labyrinth of galleries, studios, and auction houses to explore what society loses and gains when art becomes a rich person’s commodity. With unprecedented access to in-demand artists “The Price of Everything”

Life in the Doghouse

LIFE IN THE DOGHOUSE chronicles the inspiring story of Danny Robertshaw and Ron Danta, partners in life and work, who operate Danny & Ron’s Rescue, which has saved more than 10,000 dogs since 2005. What started as a targeted and contained rescue mission in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina soon grew to be Danny and Ron’s life’s work, taking over their spotless house, which they share with “Life in the Doghouse”

The Gospel of Eureka

“Everyone loves a good story now and then,” says narrator Mx Justin Vivian Bond—and what a story Eureka, Arkansas has to tell. Love, faith and civil rights collide in a southern town as evangelical Christians and drag queens step into the spotlight to dismantle stereotypes. Taking a personal, and often comical look at negotiating differences between religion and belief through performance, political action, and partnership, “The Gospel of Eureka”

Capturing The Flag

A tight-knit group of friends travel to Cumberland County, North Carolina—the 2016 “poster child” for voter suppression—intent on proving that the big idea of American democracy can be defended by small acts of individual citizens.  They station themselves at the polls answering questions and providing a reassuring presence so that our basic right is upheld. CAPTURING THE FLAG provides an intimate, often unexpected, portrait of voter protection volunteers working “Capturing The Flag”

Generation Wealth

For 25 years, Lauren Greenfield’s documentary photography and film projects have explored youth culture, gender, body image, and affluence. In this fascinating meld of career retrospective and film essay, Greenfield offers a meditation on her own work, structuring it through the lens of materialism and its increasing sway on culture and society in America and throughout the world.  An unflinching examination of Greenfield’s own life “Generation Wealth”

A Fine Line

A FINE LINE skillfully explores the many obstacles and challenges that women chefs face in the male-dominated culinary world including why only 6% of head chefs and restaurant owners are women. Centering on the director’s mother, Valerie James, a successful restaurateur just outside of Boston, Joanna James gets to the heart of what is needed today to empower women while incorporating the experiences of world-renowned “A Fine Line”