For the inaugural year of the Ash Christian Shorts Filmmaking Program, the Provincetown Film Society is proud to welcome filmmaker Samantha Kann and her short film MIA & LUCY. The 2021 Ash Christian Shorts Filmmaking Program was made to support the next generation of young LGBTQ creatives, whose original voices and ideas may be best articulated through the medium of film. The program honors the distinguished career and legacy of friend and colleague, the late Ash Christian, who dedicated his life’s work to mentoring young filmmakers and giving voice to the underserved. Selected filmmakers work with a producing mentor to determine the needs of the project and to help access other mentors (from casting directors, cinematographers, and production designers, etc.) who will provide support throughout the process.
Ash’s chosen theme for year one of the program was ‘not fitting in, standing out, being yourself.’ Appropriately, these are the same themes that run throughout many of Ash’s films, and they are the same themes that defined and endeared Ash to all who knew him throughout his all-too brief life.

After their mother’s death, Mia (Lí Buzzard) returns to their childhood home to prepare it to be sold. Their sister, Amy (Madeleine Russell), keeps delaying her arrival, forcing Mia to clean the property solo while they struggle to perfect a dance piece for school. Meanwhile, Mia begins to form a connection with the young real estate agent, Lucy (Elsa Rodriguez). This story is about carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, beginning love, and the power in realizing it’s ok to not be ok.

Special Thanks: Andrew and David Dregallo, Ethan Murphy, Laurel Jenkins, David Miranda Hardy, Michole Biancosino, Lida Winfield, Maria Garcia, Jennifer Ponder, Christian Keathley
USA, Directed by Sam Kann
Cast: Elsa Rodriguez, Lí Buzzard, Madeleine Russell