John Waters Presents I, Olga

In 1973, Olga Hepnarová, a young woman in Prague, drove a truck into a group of people, killing 8 of them, and became the last woman to be executed in Czechoslovakia. I, OLGA follows her before the attack–a lonely lesbian who found it difficult to connect with others. Shot in black and white with an eye for detail, the film compellingly captures a specific time in Central Europe, and up-and-coming Polish actress Michalina Olszańska (The Lure) embraces her role, bringing humanity to Olga.

In Czech with subtitles

2016, Czech Republic, 105 minutes, Directed by Petr Kazda, Tomás Weinreb
Cast: Michalina Olszanska, Martin Pechlát, Klára Melisková