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And Breathe Normally

In Iceland, Lara trains as an airport border patrol officer. Despite struggling financially and fighting personal demons, she’s a devoted mother to her young son. One day on the job, Lara spots a suspicious passport, resulting in Adja, a female refugee from Guinea-Bissau, being detained. Despite cultural differences, the two women find a bond that rests on a moment when Lara is faced with a crucial decision. Filmmaker Ísold Uggadóttir subtly weaves global issues of immigration, LGBT rights, and human rights into an intimate, moving story of two women and how they are able to alter the course of each other’s lives.

In Icelandic and Creole with English subtitles

2018, Belgium, Iceland, Sweden, 95 minutes, Directed by Ísold Uggadóttir
Cast: Kristín Thóra Haraldsdóttir, Babetida Sadjo, Patrik Nökkvi Pétursson