Jay is trapped in the relentless City until he is forced to confront his relationship with Time and himself. QUEER SHORTS PROGRAM TWO Includes the short films: TRADE CENTER (8min), FIRST LOVE (10min), ON MY WAY (22min), A DAY WITHOUT YOU (4min),  HEAVEN REACHES DOWN TO EARTH (10min), MI ARMA (7min), COSMOPOLITAN (7min), NUDE TRIUMPHANT (8min), and I’LL CRY TOMORROW (4min).


A story about a young black girl’s relationship with her hair and name, and how it helps her understand who she really is. SHORTS PROGRAM 2 Includes the short films: DOLAPO IS FINE (15min), BEAUTY MARKS (10min), THE DISASTER DREAMS (12min), DAVID (11min), GOLDEN AGE KARATE (5min), JUNIOR (11min), THIS IS THE WAY WE RISE (12min), and SIREN’S TAIL (8min).


Riz Ahmed (2021 Oscar Best Actor nominee for Sound of Metal) shines in this semi-autobiographical story of an aspiring rapper that he co-wrote with director Bassam Tariq. Ahmed stars as Zed, a British-Pakastani rapper based in New York City. On the verge of a European tour, Zed returns to see his family in West London. While there, Zed is challenged by long standing tensions with “MOGUL MOWGLI”