Roque was disoriented. They told him he was a human being and couldn’t become a mermaid. He didn’t understand what one thing had to do with another. SHORTS PROGRAM 2 Includes the short films: DOLAPO IS FINE (15min), BEAUTY MARKS (10min), THE DISASTER DREAMS (12min), DAVID (11min), GOLDEN AGE KARATE (5min), JUNIOR (11min), THIS IS THE WAY WE RISE (12min), and SIREN’S TAIL (8min).


This is the story of a first meeting and, at the same time, of a reunion. It’s the story of the moment when Ana sees Clara for the first time. SHORTS PROGRAM 3 Includes the short films: VICTORIA (8min), GIRLSBOYSMIX (7min), ALL THOSE SENSATIONS IN MY BELLY (13min), BEFORE THE ERUPTION (11min), BODIES OF DESIRE (3min), KIND OF (8min), and THROUGH OUR EYES: APART (30min).


A young drag queen from Andalusia exposes the difficulties of adding aspects of her homeland culture to her artistic expression. QUEER SHORTS PROGRAM TWO Includes the short films: TRADE CENTER (8min), FIRST LOVE (10min), ON MY WAY (22min), A DAY WITHOUT YOU (4min),  HEAVEN REACHES DOWN TO EARTH (10min), MI ARMA (7min), COSMOPOLITAN (7min), NUDE TRIUMPHANT (8min), and. I’LL CRY TOMORROW (4min).