Jacob goes out, for the first time in his life, to a gay party, but discovers that his skin color prevents him from being accepted into the community. QUEER SHORTS PROGRAM TWO Includes the short films: TRADE CENTER (8min), FIRST LOVE (10min), ON MY WAY (22min), A DAY WITHOUT YOU (4min),  HEAVEN REACHES DOWN TO EARTH (10min), MI ARMA (7min), COSMOPOLITAN (7min), NUDE TRIUMPHANT (8min), “COSMOPOLITAN”


Michael, a travel columnist for The New York Times, arrives in Tel Aviv to write an article on the city. Having recently suffered a personal tragedy with his husband, he just wants to do his research and go home. But when he sublets an apartment from Tomer, a young film student, he finds himself drawn into the life of the city. The two men form “SUBLET”