Aubrey Plaza

2017 Next Wave Inaugural Award |

To steal a phrase from Jerry Maguire, Aubrey Plaza had us at hello. With what must be a natural born gift for comedy, honed by years with the Upright Citizens Brigade and stand up, Plaza’s talent is truly one-of-a-kind. That she uses her talents for good only makes her more special.

To millions, she’s the apathetic and deadpan April Ludgate on the NBC sitcom “Parks and Recreation.” But to us she is so much more. In looking for the inaugural honoree for PIFF’s “Next Wave Award,” Plaza stood out for both her talent and her choices. After securing roles in big budget comedies Plaza could have easily chosen to focus solely on studio movies — but Plaza embraced independent filmmaking with gusto. We may be biased, but
after star turns in Colin Trevorrow’s Safety Not Guaranteed, Jeff Baena’s Life After Beth, and now Matt Spicer’s wonderful Ingrid Goes West (PIFF 2017’s Closing Night film) we think she shines brightest when she’s at her most independent.

So what is a “Next Wave” award? Webster’s Dictionary defines “next wave” as… just kidding. In short, this award shines a light on someone we think is on to something. Some- one whom we think has an exciting and distinctive voice, takes artistic risks, and has a passionate commitment to independent film. Someone like… Aubrey Plaza.

If you’re not familiar with Aubrey Plaza’s independent film work, her new film Ingrid Goes West is a perfect introduction. Her fearless performance won raves when the film pre- miered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival and, after viewing, one is left with the distinct feeling that no one else could have played her half as well.

We look forward to everything Aubrey Plaza does and are thrilled to celebrate her with the Provincetown International Film Festival’s inaugural Next Wave Award.