After Earth:As rising sea levels threaten the loss of their motherland in Hawaiʻi, the Philippines, China and North America, four women fight to preserve the volcano, ocean, land and air for future generations. (13 min)
A Filipina teenager is determined to avoid two unstoppable forces: her family’s home foreclosure and the creeping realization that she’s gay. (17 min)
Catherine Opie b 1961:
Catherine Opie shares the emotional and political motivations for her provocative and influential photography. (14 min)
Ladies Day: While at the hairdresser, Amma dodges questions about why she hasn’t got a boyfriend and listens to the conversations of the women around her, which head into some uncomfortable territory. (8 min)
Life After: “Life After” is about Nisha, a single mother and Indian immigrant, who travels to New York City to clear out her daughter Zara’s apartment. Out of her element in the big city, Nisha discovers surprising new details about Zara. With help from her best friend and a stranger, Nisha uncovers the truth about her daughter’s life. (12 min)
The Line:
An activist meets a punk loner during a clinic defense demonstration in 1993, when events spin out of control. (12 min)

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    76 minutes