Deep In Vogue looks at why a queer, black 1980s, New York dance scene has powerfully re-surged in the UK in 2018. Variously described as “Paris Fashion Week on Crack” or “Like a second birthday for everyone,” this is politically charged art in a post-Brexit, austerity ravaged Britain. This documentary acts as a history lesson, as a snap-shot of how things stand for the marginalized now and as a wish for the future. In this intimate portrait of the scene, the focus is pointed at the colorful, queer houses of Manchester; House of Ghetto, an exclusively black and female Vogue House, and House of Decay, a trans and queer led House. We watch as these houses prep for the House of Suarez Icons Ball and explore what the culture means to them and why they need Vogue now more than ever.
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61 minutes