Pecker’s Point: November 2019


November marks the launch of our eleventh annual fifteen-part film arts series co-presented with PAAM and curated by Provincetown’s resident cinephile extraordinaire Howard Karren. We honored Howard with our Persistence of Vision Award a few years ago, but this year’s extraordinary line-up of jewels is a reminder of his well-deserved distinction. Howard’s curatorial vision combines scholarship, fandom, and a devotion to the idea that film is meant to be screened in a dark insulated room with good sound quality and projection! Please join Howard on select Wednesdays thru May for great film and lively conversations.

Programs like these are made possible with the support of our good friends at PAAM and from all the proceeds of our annual auction, starting on Black Friday. If you’re in town, please stop by our kick-off party on Friday, November 29th at CUSP Gallery, hosted by Curtis Speers. See details below.

November also marks the second anniversary of the passing of our friend Judy Cicero, who rarely, if ever, missed a film art series screening. In fact, among the qualities I admired most about Judy was the fact that she always showed up for the things she cared about most.

She showed up at our community forum to voice her concern about closing our art house cinema in the winter. She showed up at our first annual Women’s Media Summit to combat gender inequity in the industry. She showed up at Town Hall to vocalize her support of our new marquee. She showed up time and time again and her only expectation was that we do our best (and boy, did she let you know it when you didn’t).

Judy was one of the first person’s I met when I started my tenure as CEO at the film society. As my term is nearing its end in January, I am thinking of those angels, like Judy, who showed up and in turn have held me up over the years with invisible hands.

This Thanksgiving season, I and the staff of the film society wish to thank all of our angels, on earth and in other dimensions, for bolstering our work, our efforts, and our spirits. May you all experience the same great fortune!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Christine Kunewa Walker, CEO

Member in the News: Cheryl Eagan-Donovan

Cheryl Eagan-Donovan

We are delighted to hear the news that PFS volunteer, supporter, and member, Cheryl Eagan-Donovan was awarded Oxfordian of the Year for her film, Nothing is Truer than Truth, a documentary about Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, as Shakespeare. She is the first filmmaker to win this award dedicated to the study of Shakespeare. Former award winners include Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens and Academy Award-winning actor, Mark Rylance.

Cheryl’s film focuses on the possible true identity of William Shakespeare. In particular, she focuses on the year and a half de Vere spent in Italy that just happen to coincide with the writing of Shakespeare’s early Italian plays.

“What makes my film different from other films about de Vere and Shakespeare is that I believe the primary reason for his pseudonym was that he was bisexual and had an affair with the Earl of Southampton and sexuality was a particularly taboo subject at that time. It was one of the reasons his daughters continued to use the pseudonym after his death. Harold Bloom, the famous Shakespeare scholar said that Shakespeare invented the ‘Human’ through his understanding of psychology. He also said that it is clear through his writings that Shakespeare world view was that everyone is bisexual. I wanted to integrate that integral aspect into my film,” said Eagan-Donovan.

Cheryl’s devotion to Provincetown and the film festival is long-standing, “I’ve been going to Provincetown forever. I picked up John Waters hitchhiking one Fourth of July and he said ‘I’ve been coming here for 38 years’ and I said, well I’m right behind you. I’ve always said that John Waters is America’s Fellini – his work with Divine is definitely on a par with Fellini’s work with his wife Giulietta Masina and I love Fellini’s statement which pertains especially to Shakespeare:
“All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.”
John is such an amazing Renaissance man – writer, director, artist, performer, sage…and I love his new book Mr. Know-It-All.

“I adore the Provincetown Film Festival. I volunteered early on and got to meet Mary Harron who made I Shot Andy Warhol and I met Gus Van Sant who’s film My Own Private Idaho is featured in my documentary. For me, it’s the kind of festival that you don’t get any place else. There’s something about the intimacy and lack of pretension. Everybody is there because they love film. That makes it one of the best festivals around.”

Nothing Truer Than Truth can be viewed on Hulu and Amazon Prime. In addition to filmmaking and teaching screenwriting, she is at work on the following books: Master Mistress: Shakespeare’s Discovery of Sexuality in Late Sixteenth Century Literary London, with co-author John Hamill, and Shakespeare Auteur: A Guide to Creating Authentic Characters for the Screen.

Call to Artists

Dedicated to artists in all mediums, Provincetown Film Society’s Annual Black Friday Auction is inviting all artists to contribute their work (up to 5 pieces) at consignment, to benefit Waters Edge Cinema.

In addition to support of Provincetown’s only art-house cinema, contributing artists will:

  • The opportunity to submit up to five works and select your preferred consignment amount from 50%, 25% or 0% of the valued price
  • A dedicated social media post highlighting your work
  • Promotions to our database of 10,000 patrons
  • Promotions via our auction site
  • On-screen advertising in the Waters Edge Cinema
  • A year-round membership to the Waters Edge cinema


  • November 1st – Early deadline for best promotion of work online and
  • across social media
  • November 22nd – Deadline for art to be submitted for inclusion
  • November 29th – Auction Kick-Off at CUSP Gallery, 115 Bradford Street,
  • Provincetown, 4 – 6 pm cocktails, snacks, and bidding

For more information on submissions, email

Click link above to be directed to the Auction website!


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