This is What Democracy Looks Like

“Tell me what democracy looks like? This is what democracy looks like!”

That call and response chant has long been a hallmark of progressive rallies and protests. And while it is often true, it’s not all that democracy is about. While marching in the streets can be an important rallying point in organizing a movement and helping it grow, it needs to result in action—real action—in order to be ultimately effective. People need to not only show up for energizing and affirming marches, but also for the grinding work that doesn’t come with live television coverage and the powerful feeling of being surrounded with like-minded people. It requires reaching out to those different than yourself, considering where you might be wrong, and being open-minded enough to change your own mind in hope others might change theirs. It’s tough, tough work, and if the same numbers that show up to those enormous events also turned our for a voter registration drive or strategy session, real change would come much faster. READ MORE ON PROVINCETOWN MAGAZINE.