How the Globe ruined a John Waters party tradition in P-Town

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Provincetown International Film Festival — which begins Wednesday — we thought we’d check in with John Waters, who’s been involved with the celebration from the start. We asked the resident artist to tell us some of his favorite memories from two decades of PIFF, and he was quick to come up with a list.

His highlights included the appearance of Quentin Tarantino, who was in P-Town in 2008 to pick up the Filmmaker on the Edge Award. (This year, that prize will go to “The Florida Project” director Sean Baker.” Waters — who leads the annual onstage interview with the winner of that honor — said that when Tarantino was in town, people noticed. “When he walked down the street, it was like the Rolling Stones were here. People went crazy. And I love to see a director get that response from the public,” he said. READ MORE AT BOSTON GLOBE