Sean Baker helps Provincetown celebrate 20 years on the edge

When Sean Baker accepts the Filmmaker on the Edge award at the 20th annual Provincetown International Film Festival on June 16, he’ll be following in a long line of alt-film luminaries that includes Quentin Tarantino, Jim Jarmusch, Sofia Coppola, Todd Haynes, Kevin Smith, and the festival’s patron saint, indie-film pioneer John Waters. Not bad company to be keeping for a writer-director who has only been in the spotlight for his past two features, “Tangerine” (2015) — a film famously (and exquisitely) shot on an iPhone — and last year’s “The Florida Project,” a heartbreaking comedy-drama about poverty in the shadows of Disney World. (Baker’s earlier films include 2012’s “Starlet,” 2008’s “Prince of Broadway,” 2004’s “Takeout,” and 2000’s “Four Letter Words,” all but the last available on demand from Amazon and other streaming platforms.) READ MORE ON BOSTON GLOBE